America's "Coolest" Fairing Vent System! . . . .
Wing Installation 1996-2013
Locate the mounting positions on inside of the Fairing (center two screw locations). Remove plastic caps and/or screws; retain screws to secure the "Freedom-Wings" later. If your bike does not have screws, use the screws provided in the package.
Position the Right side "Freedom-Wing" over mounting holes. Insert Screws (screw with washers on top bracket only) through the "Freedom-Wings" mounting holes into the Fairing and tighten the two screws. Gently turn the Wing to the Open and Closed positions to check for smooth operation.
Repeat these steps for the Left Side and your ready to ride.
Pre-assemble two screws with the washers provided in the order as shown in step 2. Use these screws to secure the upper bracket only. Use one washer set for each side.