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Hey this is Joe from McHenry County H.O.G. I bought of your Freedom-Wings out in Sturgis and they work great. I will tell all people in our chapter about them. Hope things are going well for you.
Joe F.

FLARE Windshield for Memphis Fairing
FLARE Windshield for "Batwing" Fairing

Klock Werks FLARE Windshield for Memphis Fairing

The Newest model to the Klock Werks FLARE Windshield line - 6.5 Dark Smoke model to fit on a Memphis Fairing!! The ORIGINAL Flare Windshield - providing downforce in more sizes and models than ever before.
Custom-molded from premium quality, hard-coated polycarbonate to provide unmatched durability, and pre-drilled for easy mounting using stock windshield hardware.

Klock Werks FLARE Windshield for FLH "Batwing" Fairings
Klock Werks FLARE Windshield for Road Glides

Klock Werks FLARE Windshield - named the 2009 V-Twin Accesory of the Year!!
The FLARE Windshield from Klock Werks is a direct replacement for your 1998 and newer FLTR/FLTRI. Option
s currently available are 8" Chrome, 8" Tint, 8" Black, 8" Dark Tint, 12" Clear, 12" Tint, 16" Clear and 16" Tint.
We're making them as fast as we can!! The Patented (#D586274) FLARE Windshield was developed at Klock Werks out of a desire/need for stability at highway speeds and for racing on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The "hips" at the outer edge of the shield re-route the wind to add downforce to the front of the bike, which aids stability vs. using a stock shield. The "flip" at the top of the FLARE is designed to kick the air up and then allow it to flow back as "clean" air for the rider.
The FLARE was designed to compete with the short stock shields. If you're riding one of those, you'll love to rock the FLARE! If you have a regular large windshield and are looking to add a sexy windshield as an option the FLARE adds downforce and great looks! In just the change of 3 or 5 bolts depending on application, you can enhance your motorcycle experience. WARNING: You may be detained at gas stations, restaurants, and clubs with questions regarding your SEXY windshield.

FLARE Windshield for Road Glides

Named 2009 V-Twin Accessory of the year!! 3.5, 6.5, 8.5 and 11.5 inch heights NOW available for 1996-2010 FLHT, FLHTC, and FLHX models!! The 3.5" height is available in clear, tint, dark tint and black models, The 6.5" is available in tint, dark tint, black and Black Chrome. The 8.5" is available in tint, dark tint and black. And the 11.5" height is available in clear and tint.


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