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Hey this is Joe from McHenry County H.O.G. I bought of your Freedom-Wings out in Sturgis and they work great. I will tell all people in our chapter about them. Hope things are going well for you.
Joe F.

The Freedom-Wings Plus


Washless Cleaner

Klock Werks Windshields

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Kickstand Pad

Plastic injection molded to a perfect fit with your stock floorboard.
Simply slip between the rubber pad and steel frame of your floorboard for easy and convenient storage. Fits stock Harley Davidson traditional style floorboard.

Helps support your bike on loose surfaces or soft surfaces in hot weather. Stores on the bike and is always on hand.

Our product cleans, shines and protects plastic, acrylic, plexiglas, lexan, chrome, fiberglass, paint, vinyl and leather. Dries quickly and buffs to a streak-free finish. Invisible protective coating protects surfaces and repels dirt, dust, fingerprints, smudges and bugs. Resists scratching and marring of surfaces. Repels water, is oderless, prevents fogging and is non-abrasive. Works great on your Freedom-Wings too!


The Freedom-Wings' unique "Patented" design lets the rider control airflow to provide maximum comfort. When the wings are set in the open position, air can be directed towards the rider at a fully adjustable rate to provide cool airflow on those hot days. When fully closed, the wings deflect air outward and around the rider taking the edge off those cool damp days. Freedom-Wings are the perfect accessory for the avid rider.

The new Freedom-Wings PLUS is a pair of small air deflectors designed to keep rain and debris from coming through to the rider. The PLUS is easy to install and looks great too! It is made from impact resistant polycarbonate sheet and it mounts to the lower bolt holes in your bikes Fairing. The PLUS is available in Smoke, Black or Gray color and is the perfect complement to your Freedom-Wings fully adjustable Fairing vent system.



Klock Werks FLARE Windshield for FLH (Batwing), Road Glide, and Memphis Fairings. The FLARE was designed to compete with the short stock shields. If you're riding one of those, you'll love to rock the FLARE! If you have a regular large windshield and are looking to add a sexy windshield as an option the FLARE adds down-force and great looks! In just the change of 3 or 5 bolts depending on application, you can enhance your motorcycle experience. WARNING: You may be detained at gas stations, restaurants, and clubs with questions regarding your SEXY windshield.

Amsoil high performance motorcycle oils. Amsoil products provide proven high performance lubrication technology for all of your lubrication needs. Click and see what Amsoil products can do for your bike.

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California Custom Products

California Custom Products are high performance state of the art Finish Technology to polish, maintain and protect your Bikes and Wings surfaces. Easy to use and guaranteed to give you the results you expect from the best.